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Focused on proactive and preventive risk reduction, these services address both financial and non-financial matters. Our team of professionals and trained assistants are adept in the conduct of the audits detailed below and have amassed a wide range of knowledge, skill and experience working with large and small clients to provide maximum value.

Statutory Audit
We examine annual accounts and underlying financial records of organizations in accordance with professional auditing standards, to enable us to form an opinion as to whether they comply with the law. The auditor's opinion is provided in the form of an audit report addressed to those who commissioned the audit or in accordance with any relevant statutory obligation.

Management & System Audit
This audit provides an intensive examination of a company's systems, controls and records. This audit detects any loopholes in the company's system design and is a great deterrent to theft, fraud, waste and abuse of money and property. We strive to identify ways for our clients to improve profitability, streamline operating procedures and increase control over assets. In addition to prevention of fraud & error this audit also checks on the accuracy and reliability of its MIS.

Efficiency and Productivity Audit
We view our role in this audit as an opportunity to provide constructive solutions for maximizing our client's profitability, productivity and efficiency. In this audit, we emphasize on measuring the efficiency with which resources employed are being used, to ensure resources flow in the most remunerative channels.
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